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April 15, 2020

Current WUSTL Undergraduate Students/Fellows (Trainees) are always welcomed.

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Bioinformatics Research Assistant

Applications open

April 2021

The laboratory of Dr. Jessica Silva-Fisher and the laboratory of Dr. David Spencer (recent paper NEJM) are seeking a Bioinformatics Research Assistant to assist with research projects including computational data analysis and documentation in the field of hematological malignancies and breast cancer.

Full time 40-hour week position, preferable on-site.

Apply by navigating to https://jobs.wustl.edu/ and searching for the job opening number 51319. 

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MINIMUM EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:  Bachelor’s degree in computer science, bioinformatics, biostatistics, or related field required; OR combined education and experience of 5 years.

Assists research studies with implementation of:

  • Existing algorithms and computer software for analyzing omics-based data sets [high-throughput, massively parallel genomic/proteomic/clinical.]

  • Data management and analysis solutions that assist in storage, investigation, and dissemination of large data sets

​Works with research team to develop new algorithms to support studies.

Assists with reporting of methods, data, and results


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