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Identification of long non-coding RNAs as biomarkers for multiple myeloma progression

April 2021

Sydney Anderson, Lijun Yao, Prasanth Thunuguntla, Julia Wang, Li Ding, and Jessica Silva-Fisher

2021 NHGRI Research Training and Career Development Annual Meeting, Virtual Meeting UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

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Identification and characterization of Multiple Myeloma associated long non-coding RNAs (MMals) using single cell sequencing and their potential roles in multiple myeloma drug resistance

May 2021

Sydney Anderson, Prasanth Thunuguntla, Lijun Yao, Li Ding, and Jessica Silva-Fisher

RNA Society 2021


Relevant Published Work

Includes previous work

Voices on Diversity: Overcoming Barriers to Pursue a Career in Science


Voices on Diversity: Multiple Paths to Becoming a Scientist


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